Design gave me a really interesting visual perspective, but I needed an off-screen creative outlet, so I began painting in 2014. I started drawing in 2015 and quickly found that a lot of joy in that medium as well.  

Particle Art Studio

My work is inspired by nature and its processes. Just as nature creates living things by assembling a large number of basic elements (like particles and cells), my art is created by piecing together many distinct pieces (like dots or shapes or blocks of colour) into an organic whole.

Biological mechanisms are beautiful in their complexity: from the forces that allow a protein to assemble or the web of creatures composing an ecosystem, nature relies on a network of individual entities to create a whole. At the same time, everything around us is quite simple: we are all just particles artfully composed to sustain life.

Nothing can exist in a vacuum — including art. That’s why I love the participatory aspect of the work I create: every person who sees it can interpret it as they like. To me, this is when my work becomes art. Your imagination brings my work to life.