Case Study: Scaling Braindates for E180


E-180 is a young Montréal company whose aim is to transform how people learn. They facilitate people at conferences to learn from each other via Braindates. Braindates are in-person meetings that last between 30-45 minutes about a specific topic. The concept is picking up well, with repeat clients like C2, Docker, Tableau, Morgan Lewis and GE.

They have seen success in the event space - so much so that the company is finding that participants in events and smaller scale communities want to braindate on a regular basis. To enable this demand the company decided to create a system for 'community organizers' to deploy braindates on a regular basis.

The main challenges associated with this new market/product were:

  1. Scaling the internal knowledge about engaging new audiences and building a learning culture
  2. Formalizing their own best practices, linking them directly to data and being able to give nuanced using a machine learning model
  3. Creating a solution that works in the short term to help scale the work that goes into large scale events while not designing 'against' the longer term vision

Community management product

As the lead designer on this long term project, my role includes research, information architecture, interaction design and stakeholder information gathering. During this project I have also been lucky to be able to mentor a junior UX designer. 

At this stage, the project has progressed to a deployed MVP which is focused on scaling current operations, and we have developed a longer term vision and subsequent iterations on the MVP.


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